Publications & Online Papers

Forthcoming  “Objectivity and Perspectival Content”. In Erkenntnis

Forthcoming  “The Coherence of Giving up Frege’s Constraint: Comments on Maria Baghramian’s and Annalisa Coliva’s Relativism”. In Analysis

2021 Varieties of Conceptual Analysis. In Analytic Philosophy.

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English Version here.

2018 “Karriere im Fach Philosophie – was gilt es zu beachten?”. Interview mit Max Kölbel, Sophie Loidolt und Barbara Vetter in: Information Philosophie, Band 3, September 2018

2018 “Ist die objektive Realität nur eine Ideologie?”. Antrittsvorlesung Universität Wien (inaugural lecture), gehalten am 21. März 2018.
Version mit Bildern (776 KB), Version ohne Bilder (84 KB).

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Canadian Journal of Philosophy, DOI: 10.1080/00455091.2018.143239

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2009 English translation of pp. 25-36 as well as the last paragraph of Gottlob Frege: “Über Sinn und Bedeutung”. The translation is by Max Kölbel and may be used unchanged for non commercial purposes, as long as the source is properly acknowledged. This translation has appeared also in Darragh Byrne and Max Kölbel (eds), Arguing about Language, London: Routledge 2010, pp. 49–55.

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